access to medicines for orphan diseases: experience in the management of a case of fasciola hepatica in mumbai, maharashtra, india. 201423278785
diversity and cercarial shedding of malaco fauna collected from water bodies of ratnagiri district, investigation on the occurrence of snails in the water bodies of five selected sites i.e., khed, chiplun, ratnagiri, parchuri and gimvi of district ratnagiri, maharashtra (india) was made during april-may 2006. the study revealed occurrence of nine species of snails viz., indoplanorbis exustus, lymnaea luteola, l. acuminata, paludomus obesus, ferrissia tenuis, thiara (melanoides) tuberculata, bellamya bengalensis, b. dissimilis and pila globosa, besides some species of bivalves. i. exustus wa ...200818199419
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