[fasciola hepatica seroprevalence in the elaziğ region].in this study, for the detection of fasciola hepatica infection seroprevalence in elaziğ region (eastern anatolia), the presence of f. hepatica igg antibodies were investigated by using a home-made enzyme immunoassay, in the sera of 540 healthy volunteers (254 males, 286 females) from different age groups (age range: 0-81 yrs, mean age: 33 +/- 20 yrs). the total seropositivity rate in this region of our country was found 2.78%, with no differences between males and females (respectively, 2.76% a ...200212838669
genetic identification of fasciola hepatica by its-2 sequence of nuclear ribosomal dna in turkey.the trematodes of the genus fasciola are the common liver flukes of a range species of animals and have a global geographical distribution. they can generally be distinguished on the basic of their morphology. its-2 ribosomal dna sequences have been used to characterize the liver flukes as a specific marker from different geographical regions which include f. hepatica, f. gigantica, and an intermediate fasciola. to determine the phylogenetic location of f. hepatica of turkey origin based on its- ...200919290539
evaluation of relationship between repeat breeding and fasciola hepatica and hydatid cyst infections in cows in elazig district of eastern turkey.sera samples from 89 dairy cows with repeat breeding and 111 healthy pregnant dairy cows (controls) from elazig province of eastern turkey were tested for presence of fasciola hepatica and hydatid cyst antibodies by use of an indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (indirect-elisa). one hundred and twenty one (60.5%) and 93 (46.5%) cows were found to be positive to f. hepatica and hydatid cyst antibodies, respectively. fifty two of 89 cows (58.4%) with a history of repeat breeding were seropo ...200717141288
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