viruses recovered from mosquitoes and wildlife serum collected in the murray valley of south-eastern australia, february 1974, during an epidemic of encephalitis.pools of mosquitoes collected in the murray valley in february, 1974, during an encephalitis epidemic yielded 239 isolates of 11 distinct viruses. these included 39 isolates of mve virus, an incriminated causative agent of encephalitis in man, and 111 isolates of kunjin virus, a probable causative agent. an additional isolate of mve virus was recovered from the serum of a white-faced heron, ardea novaehollandiae. the other 9 viruses comprised the alpha-viruses ross river and sindbis, the flavivi ...19826299258
sentinel chicken surveillance programme in australia, 1 july 2001 to 30 june 2002.detection of flavivirus seroconversions in sentinel chicken flocks located throughout australia is used to provide an early warning of increased levels of murray valley encephalitis (mve) and kunjin virus activity in the region. during the 2001/2002 season low levels of flavivirus activity were detected in northern australia compared to previous years. mve and kunjin virus activity was detected in the kimberley and pilbara regions of western australia and the northern territory but not in north ...200212416705
australia's notifiable diseases status, 2001: annual report of the national notifiable diseases surveillance 2001 there were 104,187 notifications of communicable diseases in australia reported to the national notifiable diseases surveillance system (nndss). the number of notifications in 2001 was an increase of 16 per cent of those reported in 2000 (89,740) and the largest annual total since the nndss commenced in 1991. in 2001, nine new diseases were added to the list of diseases reported to nndss and four diseases were removed. the new diseases were cryptosporidiosis, laboratory-confirmed influen ...200312725505
flavivirus isolations from mosquitoes collected from western cape york peninsula, australia, 1999-2000.after the 1st appearance of japanese encephalitis virus (je) on mainland australia in 1998, a study was undertaken to investigate whether je had become established in enzootic transmission cycles on western cape york peninsula. adult mosquitoes were collected during the late wet season from kowanyama and pormpuraaw in april 1999, and pormpuraaw and barr's yard in april 2000. despite processing 269,270 mosquitoes for virus isolation, no isolates of je were obtained. however, other flaviviruses co ...200314710742
communicable diseases network australia national arbovirus and malaria advisory committee annual report, 2005-06.this report describes the epidemiology of mosquito-borne disease in australia for the mosquito-borne disease season 1 july 2005 to 30 june 2006, in which the second largest number of notifications since 1995-96 was reported. ross river virus (rrv) infections (66%), barmah forest virus (bfv) infections (23%) and malaria (9%) were the most common mosquito-borne diseases reported in 2005-06. national rrv notifications were the fifth largest on record. the northern territory had the highest rate of ...200617330382
vector competence of australian mosquito species for a north american strain of west nile virus.since the establishment of west nile virus (wnv) into the united states, concern has arisen that this virus may also pose a serious threat to australian biosecurity. the vector competence of 19 australian mosquito species for a north american strain of wnv was evaluated. mosquitoes collected from cairns, brisbane, and sydney were exposed to blood containing 10(4.0+/-0.3) cell culture infectious dose(50)/mosquito wnv that was isolated from a crow during the 1999 new york outbreak. mosquitoes were ...200818973445
arboviral diseases and malaria in australia, 2008-09: annual report of the national arbovirus and malaria advisory committee.the national notifiable diseases surveillance system received 8,677 notifications of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in australia from 1 july 2008 to 30 june 2009. the alphaviruses, barmah forest and ross river, accounted for 6,574 (78%) of these notifications during 2008-09. there were 1,009 notifications of dengue virus infection locally-acquired in north queensland and 484 notified cases resulted from overseas travel. notification rates of dengue virus infection for 2008-09, regardless of ...201021090179
natural exposure of horses to mosquito-borne flaviviruses in south-east queensland, 2011 an unprecedented epidemic of equine encephalitis occurred in south-eastern (se) australia following heavy rainfall and severe flooding in the preceding 2-4 months. less than 6% of the documented cases occurred in queensland, prompting the question of pre-existing immunity in queensland horses. a small-scale serological survey was conducted on horses residing in one of the severely flood-affected areas of se-queensland. using a flavivirus-specific blocking-elisa we found that 63% (39/62) ...201324048209
arboviral diseases and malaria in australia, 2009-10: annual report of the national arbovirus and malaria advisory committee.the national notifiable diseases surveillance system received 7,609 notified cases of disease transmitted by mosquitoes for the season 1 july 2009 to 30 june 2010. the alphaviruses barmah forest virus and ross river virus, accounted for 6,546 (79%) of these notifications during the 2009-10 season. there were 37 notifications of dengue virus infection locally-acquired from north queensland and 581 notified cases in australia that resulted from overseas travel. this number of overseas acquired cas ...201223153083
a case of murray valley encephalitis in a 2-year-old australian stock horse in south-east queensland.this report summarises the findings from a case of naturally-occurring murray valley encephalitis in a 2-year-old filly presenting with acute onset of depression and weakness. serum samples tested at the onset of clinical signs were negative for hendra and kunjin virus antibodies, but positive for murray valley encephalitis virus (mvev) using igm-capture elisa (1 : 300 dilution). a virus neutralisation assay performed 4 weeks later confirmed a titre of 1 : 160. sera collected in the weeks preced ...201525708787
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