an outbreak of amebiasis spread by colonic irrigation at a chiropractic clinic.from june 1978 through december 1980, at least 36 cases of amebiasis occurred in persons who had had colonic-irrigation therapy at a chiropractic clinic in western colorado. of 10 persons who required colectomy, six did. of 176 persons who had been to the clinic in the last four months of 1980, 80 had received other forms of treatment. twenty-one per cent of the colonic-irrigation group had bloody diarrhea, as compared with 1 per cent of the non-irrigation group (p = 0.00013). thirty-seven per c ...19826283354
results of testing for intestinal parasites by state diagnostic laboratories, united states, 1987.we analyzed results of 216,275 stool specimens examined by the state diagnostic laboratories in 1987; parasites were found in 20.1%. percentages were highest for protozoans: giardia lamblia (7.2%), entamoeba coli and endolimax nana (4.2% each), blastocystis hominis (2.6%), entamoeba histolytica (0.9%), and cryptosporidium species (0.2%). identifications of giardia lamblia increased broadly from the 4.0% average found in 1979, with 40 states reporting increases and seven decreases. most states th ...19911779956
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