the intradermal reaction in amebiasis.studies on the amebiasis skin test were carried out in amerindians living on reserves of northern saskatchewan. results indicate the skin test to be highly sensitive in patients with acute amebic dysentery and in individuals with a history of amebic disease. a high percentage of asymptomatic school children living on a reserve where amebic disease is of common occurrence were also skin reactors. in a similar group of school children living on a reserve where amebic disease had never been reporte ...19704317530
amoebiasis in saskatchewan. 19654285518
parasites of dogs from indian settlements in northwestern canada: a survey with public health implications.a total of 959 faecal samples were obtained from dogs in 12 native communities in northern saskatchewan, central and northern alberta and the northwest territories. all samples were examined using a flotation technique. samples from an area of endemic human amoebic infections were also examined by a formol-ether sedimentation method. eighteen necropsies were performed. entamoeba histolytica cysts were recovered from dog faeces at loon lake, saskatchewan. toxocara canis had low incidence in saska ...19734265550
amebiasis: a ten-year review of clinical and epidemiological progress in the saskatchewan endemic area. 19734355895
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