[utility of studying feces for the diagnosis and management of infants and preschool children with acute diarrhea].to analyze the results of a stool work-up protocol in a series of infants and preschoolers with acute diarrhea.200212216520
enterotoxigenic escherichia coli as cause of diarrhea among mexican adults and us travelers in mexico.enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) is the most common pathogen identified in travelers to mexico with diarrhea. there have been few recent studies looking at the etiology of diarrhea in travelers compared with the local resident population.200212088579
seroconversion to entamoeba histolytica among short-term travelers to mexico.paired serum samples were evaluated for the presence of antibodies to entamoeba histolytica in 326 healthy college students from the united states who lived in guadalajara, mexico, for an average of four weeks. one hundred eighty of these students had an enteric illness develop, but no stool test results were positive for ameba. an indirect hemagglutination assay was the serologic method used, and no seroconversion was demonstrates. this finding confirms the belief that amebiasis is a rare cause ...19826284082
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