[infection by intestinal protozoa and helminths in schoolchildren from riverside sectors, with different fecal contamination levels, of valdivia river, chile].during 1993, the prevalences of infection by intestinal protozoa and helminths (iph) in the riverside schoolchildren population of two sectors of valdivia river, with different levels of fecal contamination, were compared in relation to their contact with river water (swimming, bathing) and basic sanitation elements (bse) of their houses: feces and garbage disposal, and water supply. populations of children from sectors a (n = 418), with significatively greater (sg) total coliform most probable ...19979497533
[prevalence of infection by intestinal helminths and protozoa in school children from a coastal locality in the province of valdivia, chile].during july-august 1989, 219 coprological samples from primary school children from niebla and los molinos localities (39 degrees 52's, 73 degrees 26'w) in the coast of province of valdivia, chile, were analysed. prevalence % (in parentheses) of infection by intestinal protozoa and helminths were the followings: entamoeba histolytica: (18.0), entamoeba coli (34.0), endolimax nana (34.4), iodamoeba buetschlii (7.4), blastocystis hominis (64.3), giardia intestinalis (27.9) chilomastix mesnili (0.8 ...19947654292
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