[incidence of infection by intestinal parasites among school children in santiago, chile, 1988-1989].in december 1988-february 1989 period, a survey on enteroparasitic infections in children (mean age 8.7 years; males 54.4% and females 45.6%) from five schools located in santiago, chile, was undertaken. to each of these individuals, three samples were obtained in order to perform in them the following examinations: co-proparasitological study, modified ziehl-neelsen staining for detecting cryptosporidium sp. and cellulose adhesive test for enterobius vermicularis. parasitic elements were found ...19892484851
[seasonal variation of intestinal protozoa infections in outpatients of the north section of santiago, chile. 1995-1996].formalin preserved fecal samples from 6,058 and 5,863 outpatients were examined for intestinal parasites during 1995 and 1996 respectively. prevalence rates of infections by intestinal protozoa in both years were similar. by age group (0-9, 10-19 and > 20 years old) blastocystis hominis was observed in 18.6-19.3, 37.0-31.1 and 25.3-25.4% in 1995-1996 respectively. prevalence of giardia intestinalis infections decreased from 16.6-17.4% in the 0-9 year-old children group to 4.1-4.5% in patients ov ...199910488591
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