overdiagnosis of entamoeba histolytica and entamoeba dispar in nicaragua: a microscopic, triage parasite panel and pcr study.based on stool microscopy, an e. histolytica/e. dispar prevalence of 18.6% was found in león, nicaragua about 10 years ago. since then, new non-microscopic methods have been developed to discriminate between pathogenic e. histolytica and nonpathogenic e. dispar. the main objectives of the present study were to evaluate the true prevalence of e. histolytica among individuals with diarrhea and to assess the diagnostic procedures carried out at the health center level.200616624654
prevalence of intestinal parasites in the human population of león, nicaragua.intestinal parasites appear to be prevalent in nicaragua, which motivated a more extensive prevalence study in which socioeconomic conditions such as degree of crowding, quality of water supply, type of floor and disposal of excretion, were considered. the study was performed on 1267 stool samples from about 8% of the citizens of the city of león. the overall prevalence of intestinal pathogenic parasites among the 1267 individuals was found to be 47.2%. the prevalence of entamoeba histolytica/di ...19979210962
amebiasis in león, nicaragua: entamoebae in stool examination and identification of amebic liver abscess cases by serology and pcr. 19979033115
amebiasis in nicaragua: class specific serum antibody responses.with the aid of the indirect hemagglutination (iha) test and igg elisa the antibody profile against e. histolytica in león, nicaragua was investigated in 562 sera from individuals belonging to various age groups. the highest reactivity was invariably recorded in the age group 6-15 years where 48% were seropositive. several sera reactive by either one of iha and igg elisa were negative by the other test. the main reason for this seems to be reactivity in different ig classes. treatment with 2-mer ...19921340309
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