intestinal parasites in school food handlers in the city of uberlândia, minas gerais, order to verify the presence of intestinal parasites in food handlers, stool samples were collected from 104 cooks and their helpers that were working in food preparation in 20 public elementary schools, in various areas of the city of uberlândia, minas gerais, brazil. the samples were collected during the months of november and december, 1988, in plastic flasks containing a 10% formaldehyde solution and processed by the hoffmann, pons & janer method. the sediment was examined using triplicat ...19958525262
[enteroparasitoses in food handlers of the public schools in uberlândia (minas gerais), brazil].a prospective study based on a parasitologic survey was carried out with a view toward controlling enteroparasitoses in food handlers who work in public primary schools in uberlândia, minas gerais, brazil. the study subjects were 264 individuals from 57 schools, from whom three fecal samples (c) were collected: c1 in september 1989, c2 in april 1990, and c3 in september 1990. the participants were predominantly female (259 women and 5 men) and ranged in age from 20 to 66 years. a total of 792 sa ...19979546081
[environmental conditions and prevalence of parasitic infection in xukuru-kariri indigenous people, caldas, brazil].to describe the environmental conditions and the parasitic infection status of xukuru-kariri individuals living in the municipality of caldas, state of minas gerais, brazil.201526506320
[prevalence of intestinal parasites in the maxakali indigenous community in minas gerais, brazil, 2009].a prevalence survey using the tf-test technique to identify intestinal parasites was conducted in the maxakali indigenous villages in minas gerais state, brazil. stool samples were collected on three alternating days, in separate tubes, containing 10% formalin, and unified in a laboratory by double filtering centrifugation. samples of sediment aliquot were prepared in triplicate and examined by microscope (10x and 40x) for eggs, cysts, and larvae. prevalence of parasites (89.5%) and polyparasiti ...201323568298
occurrence of blastocystis spp. in uberaba, minas gerais, brazil.intestinal parasites are a problem for public health all over the world. the infection with blastocystis, a protozoan of controversial pathogenicity, is one of the most common among them all. in this study, the occurrence of intestinal parasites, with emphasis on blastocystis, in patients at the universidade federal do triângulo mineiro was investigated in uberaba (mg) through microscopy of direct smears and fecal concentrates using ritchie's method. feces of 1,323 patients were examined from ap ...201726200960
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