detection of cryptosporidium spp and other intestinal parasites in children with acute diarrhea and severe dehydration in rio de janeiro.the objective of the present study was to estimate the frequency of infection by cryptosporidium spp and other intestinal parasites in dehydrated children with gastroenteritis who were admitted to a pediatric hospital. stool examinations from 218 children were performed. cryptosporidium spp was identified in eighteen out of 193 stool samples (9.3%) subjected to safranin-methylene blue staining. giardia lamblia was detected in ten out of 213 (4.7%) samples examined via the direct or ritchie metho ...200717653475
geospatial distribution of intestinal parasitic infections in rio de janeiro (brazil) and its association with social determinants.intestinal parasitic infections remain among the most common infectious diseases worldwide. this study aimed to estimate their prevalence and provide a detailed analysis of geographical distribution of intestinal parasites in the metropolitan region of rio de janeiro, considering demographic, socio-economic, and epidemiological contextual factors.201728273080
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