enteric parasitic infections in hiv/aids patients before and after the highly active antiretroviral therapy.enteroparasites are related to gastrointestinal alterations among patients with hiv/aids, some causing severe manifestations in the period before the institution of the highly active antiretroviral therapy (haart). the prevalence of enteroparasitoses in patients with hiv/aids seen at two hospitals in ceará , brazil, was compared in the pre-haart (group 1; n = 482) and haart (group 2; n = 100) eras. fecal parasitologic examinations (fpe) were performed using the direct, lutz, baermann-moraes and ...200818641847
entamoeba histolytica and entamoeba dispar infections as detected by monoclonal antibody in an urban slum in fortaleza, northeastern this study the authors used the elisa-based antigen detection tests that distinguish e. histolytica from e. dispar to examine the prevalence of e. histolytica infection in individuals from an urban slum in fortaleza, northeastern, brazil. this test has a sensitivity and specificity that is comparable to pcr and isoenzyme analysis, which is the gold standard. single stools samples were obtained from 735 individuals. the prevalence of e. histolytica infection was 14.9% (110/735) and 25.4%(187/7 ...200111600913
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