the value of amoebic serology in an area of low hundred sera from army patients who had had amoebiasis in the past and 113 sera from coloured immigrants attending a venereal diseases clinic were examined by four serological techniques. the indirect haemagglutination and the latex agglutination tests showed almost complete correlation; they are useful epidemiological tools but too sensitive and the antibodies on which they depend are too persistent for clinical use. the indirect fluorescent antibody test is a good clinical screening test, ...1976178079
an outbreak of trichuris trichiura in a mental handicap outbreak of trichuris trichiura in a ward for the severely mentally handicapped affected 22 of 29 patients. there was concurrent carriage of non-pathogenic entamoeba histolytica in 59% of these patients. heavy contamination of soil was found in the patients' recreation area. the management of the outbreak is discussed.19892567308
primary amoebic meningoencephalitis in britain.primary amoebic meningoencephalitis is caused by amoebae of the genera naegleria and hartmannella (acanthamoeba), which ordinarily are free-living saprophytes. the infection may be acquired from fresh water-for example, while bathing-the amoebae invading the nasal mucosa and reaching the meninges and brain along the olfactory nerve filaments. the disease is designated "primary" to distinguish it from meningocerebral infection caused by the parasitic amoebae, particularly entamoeba histolytica, w ...19695354833
amoebic liver abscess probably acquired in birmingham, england.amoebiasis is usually acquired in countries where the disease is endemic. a case is presented of hepatic infection probably acquired indigenously with identification of the source of infection. the place of dual therapy for treatment is considered and the value of ultrasound scanning in management illustrated.19816264590
entamoeba histolytica in wild rats caught in london. 194818861438
is entamoeba histolytica in homosexual men a pathogen?entamoeba histolytica (eh) in homosexual men is generally considered to be pathogenic. to test this hypothesis, the generally accepted features of invasion (haematophagous trophozoites in faeces; high-titre serum antibody; moderate to severe acute inflammatory change; and presence of eh in the mucosa on rectal biopsy) and the zymodeme pattern of cultured trophozoites were assessed in twenty-three eh excretors and eleven control homosexual men. no trophozoites or antibody to eh were found in eith ...19862869346
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