[prevalence of intestinal parasitic disease in three provinces in morocco].a study of intestinal parasites was carried out in taounate, béni mellal and tizinit provinces in morocco on a sample of 1682 individuals who were representative of the urban and rural area population. for each stool specimen, three microscopic examinations and a kato test were performed. in the three provinces, about two-thirds of the study participants from rural areas and around 50% of those from urban areas had parasites. the reproducibility of the prevalence figures allowed the study result ...199910793785
[intestinal parasitosis and environmental pollution: 1343 pediatric cases in beni-mellal, morocco].this study was undertaken to determine the possible health risk associated with raw wastewater use in agricultural purposes, particularly, the transmission of parasite infections among children of five regions in beni-mellal, morocco. in a randomly-selected sample of 1343 children, 740 of them were from five regions using raw wastewater for agriculture, and 603 were from 4 control regions that do not practice wastewater irrigation. one or more parasite infections were identified in 50.8% of the ...200010894046
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