three-year prospective study of intestinal pathogens in madrid, spain.during the period july 1980 through june 1983, in a general hospital in madrid, the following organisms were detected from 6,970 patients with gastroenteritis: 710 salmonella spp. 506 campylobacter jejuni, 379 shigella spp., 12 yersinia enterocolitica, 1,466 rotavirus, 134 giardia lamblia, and 4 entamoeba histolytica. chloramphenicol showed good activity against most tested strains of salmonella spp., shigella spp., and c. jejuni. the incidence of salmonella spp. and shigella spp. was very marke ...19846092418
detection of zoonotic intestinal parasites in public parks of spain. potential epidemiological role of microsporidia.several studies have demonstrated that the soil of public parks presents an important source of infection which has a significant impact on public health. children are the main group affected by accidentally ingestion of contaminated soil. this study was performed in order to identify the presence of zoonotic parasites in dog and cat faecal and soil samples from public parks of madrid, spain. six hundred twenty-five and seventy-nine soil and faecal samples (presumably from dogs and cats) respect ...201121824364
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