optimal growth conditions for (ibadan) strains of entamoeba histolytica. 19734348717
parametric evaluation of the prevalence of entamoeba histolytica infections in ibadan. 19724346235
drug and immuno-diagnostic resistant amoebic liver abscess in ibadan: an elucidation of a possible mechanism.a thick fibrous walling of amoebic abscess of the liver is very rare. using as a basis the case of drug and immunodiagnostic resistant amoebic liver abscess in an adult nigerian, an account is given of the possible mechanisms for such therapeutic and diagnostic failure. a theory of blood-abscess cavity barrier is postulated and suggested as a mechanism for the constant failure to detect antibodies to e. histolytica in the small percentage of cases of amoebic liver abscess (morris, powell and els ...1976189058
establishment and propagation of ibadan strains of entamoeba histolytica in vitro. 19714327010
unruptured amoebic liver abscess presenting as acute abdomen.unruptured amoebic liver abscess is usually not regarded as a surgical emergency. at university college hospital, ibadan, in a two-year period from june 1975 to may 1977, six cases of unruptured amoebic liver abscess underwent emergency exploratory laparotomy because they presented as cases of acute abdomen. the initial diagnoses made by senior physicians included perforated duodenal ulcer, intestinal obstruction, cholecystitis and appendicitis. all patients had persistent draining sinuses after ...19836879689
pathogenic intestinal parasites and bacterial agents in solid determine the profile of potentially pathogenic enteric parasites and bacterial agents in municipal refuse dumps in ibadan, nigeria.200212630495
prevalence of antibodies to parasitic infections in nigerian children.sixty-six sera from nigerian children who attended a paediatric clinic at university college hospital, ibadan were tested with plasmodium falciparum, p. brazilianum, entamoeba histolytica, toxoplasma gondii and schistosoma mansoni antigens using indirect fluorescent antibody technique. these sera were tested using elisa technique for schistosoma antibodies. sera from all proven cases of infections gave positive results. highest antibody prevalence rate was for p. falciparum (69.6%), followed by ...19817017156
a study of the incidence of porcine taeniasis and other intestinal parasites in a rural community of south western the course of an investigation into the incidence of porcine taeniasis among humans and and pigs which live in close contact with each other in a rural town of south-western nigeria, no incidence of the parasite was found. ascaris, strongyle (hookworm in case of humans) and trichuris were the helminths encountered while entamoeba histolytica and entamoeba coli were the common protozoan cysts. polyparasitism was common and a 12 year old boy had salmonella infection concurrently with ascaris an ...19836685713
human amoebiasis: epidemiological studies at two hospitals in ibadan, nigeria.investigations were conducted into the prevalence rates of entamoeba histolytica over a five year period in ibadan, qyo state of nigeria. between 1979 and 1983, 1465 (17.23%) patients out of 8499 people examined at the university of ibadan teaching hospital were positive for the infection. within the same period only 37 (0.88%) out of 4196 people examined at the adeoyo state hospital were infected. both male and female were affected. there is also no influence of age on the prevalence rates as b ...19863557832
high-level parasitic contamination of soil sampled in ibadan metropolis.soil transmitted helminthes infections are common chronic human infections worldwide, this has been recognized as an important health problem, particularly in developing countries. the study was conducted within ibadan metropolis in oyo state, south western nigeria between september 2008 and march 2009 to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasite in soil samples within the city. a total of 102 soil samples were collected from different sources from five local government areas ranging from ...201122783681
the effects of human serum on local (ibadan) strains of entamoeba histolytica. (preliminary studies). 19724366260
the prevalence of human intestinal protozoa in ibadan, nigeria.this study shows that the two intestinal protozoa, giardia lamblia, balantidium coli in addition to entamoeba histolytica are prevalent in the ibadan population and are responsible for many of the non-bacterial diarrhoea seen in patients. a high seasonal prevalence of the intestinal protozoa in the dry months of the year was associated with the use of contaminated water. both the high infection rates recorded in adults and children under five years old, and the high frequency of association invo ...1977563477
intestinal helminthiasis and haemoparasitism in an area of endemic dracunculiasis in oyo state of the course of a survey of human intestinal and haemoparasites in oluyole local government area of nigeria known to be endemic for dracunculiasis, most of the inhabitants were burdened with parasitic infections which include ascariasis (43.7%), hookworm infection (27.1%), trichuriasis (31%), strongyloidiasis (2.5%), entamoeba histolytica infestation (3.9%), e. coli infestation (2.7%) and plasmodiasis (43.7%). peak of ascariasis was among the 1-10 years age group while those of trichuriasis, ho ...19862944853
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