immunodiagnosis of entamoeba histolytica and ascaris lumbricoides infections in caucasian and aboriginal australians.the immunodiagnostic efficiency of an indirect immunofluorescence test (ifat) and in vitro lymphocyte proliferative responsiveness (cell mediated immunity test, cmit) used to measure the immunological responses of individuals with known natural entamoeba histolytica and ascaris lumbricoides infections, was studied under survey conditions. e. histolytica was common among aborigines from cherbourg, kowanyama and central australia, but it was not found in brisbane caucasians. the protozoan was sele ...19862878514
intestinal amoebiasis and amoebic liver abscess in brisbane, 1956 to 1973. clinical syndromes and the results of medical and surgical management.nineteen patients presented to teaching hospitals in brisbane with symptomatic amoebiasis from 1965 to 1973. the majority of patients gave a history of overseas travel or residence. intestinal amoebiasis most frequently occurred in its non-dysenteric form, so that there were some problems in differentiating it from more commonly occurring forms of colitis. the potential for amoeboma to be mistaken for a neoplasm was evident. amoebic liver abscess was confirmed in 10 cases and, in nine of these, ...1975167267
case report: endemic amebiasis in australia: implications for residents, travelers, and clinicians.entamoeba histolytica is considered endemic in australia; however, cases are rare, occurring almost exclusively in high-risk individuals. we describe a series of locally acquired, complicated cases in low-risk individuals from far north queensland in whom the diagnosis was delayed. amebiasis may pose a greater local threat than is currently recognized.201728719303
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