[report on the first nationwide survey of the distribution of human parasites in china. 1. regional distribution of parasite species].a nationwide (taiwan province not included) survey of the distribution of human parasites in china during 1988-1992 was conducted under the auspices of the ministry of public health, with stratified masses randomly sampling. a total of 2,848 pilot sites in 726 counties with a population of 1,477,742 were surveyed, according to unified standard, unified diagnostic method and control quality. the overall infection rate of parasites was 62. 632%. among them, the infection rate was over 50% in 17 pr ...19947720194
prevalence and genetic diversity of entamoeba species infecting macaques in southwest china.many colonies of macaques (macaca fascicularis and macaca mulatta) are maintained in china, especially in guangxi and guizhou. a total of 803 fresh stool samples infected with entamoeba were obtained from three big colonies of macaques located in southwest china. the samples were examined for the presence of five entamoeba species using pcr. entamoeba nuttalli, entamoeba dispar, entamoeba coli, and entamoeba chattoni infections were detected, but entamoeba histolytica infection was not. this stu ...201323354942
seroprevalence of entamoeba histolytica infection in china.the seroprevalence of entamoeba histolytica infection in the residents of seven provinces in china was examined by using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with a crude antigen and a recombinant surface antigen, c-igl, of the parasites. a total of 1,312 serum samples were investigated. the positivity rates for these two antigens were 11.05% and 6.25%, respectively. there was no significant difference in the seropositivity to e. histolytica between men and women. we used a logistic regression m ...201222764298
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