human parasitoses of the malili area, south sulawesi (celebes) province, indonesia.a biomedical survey was conducted in 9 villages in the malili area of south sulawesi, indonesia. blood specimens were examined for malaria and microfilariae; stool specimens were examined for intestinal parasites. malaria parasitemias were rare; plasmodium falciparum was detected in 10 and p. vivax in 11 of 985 blood smears. malayan filariasis was endemic to all villages surveyed. the overall prevalence of detectable microfilaremias was 15%, varying from 34% in kawata to 1% in nuha. microfilaria ...1978364674
intestinal parasitic infections in campalagian district, south sulawesi, indonesia.intestinal parasitic infections were surveyed in the inhabitants of 3 coastal and 2 inland villages of campalagian district, south sulawesi, indonesia, in july 1992. a total of 398 fecal samples were examined by using kato-katz thick smear, harada-mori culture and agar-plate culture techniques. protozoan cysts were examined by formalin ether concentration technique on 380 fecal samples. soil-transmitted helminth infections were highly prevalent with the overall positive rates as follows: ascaris ...19938266235
parasites of man in remote areas of central and south sulawesi, indonesia.a biomedical survey was conducted in 10 villages in remote, high mountain valleys of central and south sulawesi, indonesia to learn whether oriental schistosomiasis was endemic and to determine the prevalences of other intestinal parasites, malaria and filariasis in those areas. although persons with oriental schistosomiasis were found in three villages of south sulawesi, follow-up inquiries revealed that these had recently migrated from a known schistosomiasis area in central sulawesi. other in ...1977607428
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