intestinal parasitic infections among school children in thailand.a study was conducted to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasites in children from eight schools located in phuttamonthon district, nakhon prathom province during november 2004 to december 2004. stool samples were collected from 1920 students; age range from 7 to 12 years old, and examined for intestinal parasites by using formalin-ethyl acetate concentration technique. of these subjects, 242 (12.6%) were infected with one or more of 10 intestinal parasitic species. in these infected sub ...200718209713
intestinal parasitic infections in srimum suburban area of nakhon ratchasima province, thailand.a survey on intestinal parasitic infections and some risk factors of infection (social, economic and behavioral) was conducted in suburban area at simum subdistrict, mueang district, nakhon ratchasima province during the period of april 3rd to april 11th, 2007. a total of 214 stool samples, from 85 males and 129 females were examined using simple direct smear, kato's thick smear and modified harada-mori filter paper strip culture technique. the results showed that the prevalence rate of protozoa ...200819287363
infection of blastocystis hominis in primary schoolchildren from nakhon pathom province, thailand.a study was conducted to evaluate the infection status of blastocystis hominis in children from four public schools in phuttamonthon district, nakhon pathom province, thailand during november to december 2004. a total of 814 faecal specimens were used for b. hominis cultivation using jones' medium. mixed infections with other intestinal parasites were also examined by formalin ethyl acetate concentration method. it was found that 13.51% (110 of 814) of the children examined were infected with b. ...200617041560
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