intestinal parasitosis among subjects undergoing cataract surgery at the eye camps in rural hilly areas of nepal.present study investigated the intestinal parasitosis among 221 subjects undergoing cataract surgery (m: 129 and f: 92; aged 13-86 years) at the eye camps in three rural hilly districts (ramechhap, sindhupalchok and dhading) in 2006. stool samples collected in clean, dry, screw capped plastic containers were examined locally by direct smear technique and anti-parasitic drugs were distributed to parasite positive subjects. the remaining stool samples were fixed with 10% formal-saline, transported ...200818828431
intestinal parasitosis among the elderly people in kathmandu valley.present study was carried out among the elderly people (60+ years of age) from august 2005 to july 2006 in kathmandu valley to assess the prevalence of intestinal parasitosis in them. stool samples were collected from 235 elderly people (122 from government elderly home, 66 from private elderly home and 47 from the households in a rural community). the samples were examined by formal ether sedimentation and sheather's sucrose floatation followed by kinyoun's modified ziehl-neelsen staining. the ...200617357641
study of parasitic infection among children of sukumbasi basti in kathmandu valley.keeping in view of heavy burden of intestinal parasitosis, present study was done to find out the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection in children (aged <16 years) of sukumbasi (people living without land ownership) basti (community) in kathmandu valley. a total of 279 stool samples collected in clean, dry and screw capped plastic container were firstly examined for the presence of adult worm and/or segments of worms. samples fixed in 10% formal-saline were then examined microscopically ...201121991692
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