geographical location and age affects the incidence of parasitic infestations in school children.environmental factors affect the dissemination and distribution of intestinal parasites in human communities. to comprehend the prevalence of parasitic infestation and to examine whether geographical location and age also influence the prevalence of infection, fecal samples from 195 school children (rural = 95; male = 39; female = 56) (urban = 100; male = 60; female = 40) of five age groups ranging from 5 to 11 years in two different socio-economic zones (rural and urban) were screened for speci ...201020699511
a comparative study of the intestinal parasites prevalent among children living in rural and urban settings in and around chennai.a comparative analysis of the various intestinal parasites detected among children attending schools was carried out in a rural and urban location in and around chennai. a total of 324 stool samples were examined by routine microscopy using normal saline and lugol's iodine preparation as well as by saturated sodium chloride flotation technique. all suspicious samples were subjected to zinc sulphate concentration technique as well as modified ziehl neelson stain and trichrome stains to identify t ...200212718339
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