enteropathogens associated with acute diarrhoeal diseases.five types of escherichia coli are responsible for as much as 25% of all diarrheal diseases in developing countries. they tend to be transmitted via contaminated foods, particularly weaning foods, and water. they include enterotoxigenic, enteropathogenic, enteroadherent, enteroinvasive, and enterohemorrhagic e. coli. shigella species are responsible for 10-15% of acute diarrheas in children less than 5 years old and the most common etiologic agents of childhood dysentery. shigellosis is common i ...19947835992
intestinal parasitism and vibrio cholerae infection among diarrhoeal patients in kolkata, this study, we have analysed the epidemiological significance of the concurrent infections caused by vibrio cholerae and intestinal parasites among different age groups of hospitalized diarrhoeal patients in kolkata. a total of 3556 stool samples collected during 1996-2004 were screened for vibrios and parasites. the seasonality of v. cholerae and parasitic infections were studied in detail. the detection rates for ascaris lumbricoides and giardia lamblia infection were more than for the hook ...200817594735
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