causative agents of acute diarrhoea in the first 3 years of life: hospital-based study.during the 2 years of the study, 402 patients and an equal number of age- and sex-matched controls were investigated for the presence of diarrhoeal pathogens. pathogenic organisms were recovered from 277 (68.9%) patients and 97 (24.1%) controls. in the patient group, possible bacterial pathogens were found in 210 (52.2%) cases. enteropathogenic escherichia coli (epec) was the most frequently found potential pathogen, being recovered in 132 cases (32.8%) with serotypes 026, 086, 0111 and 0124 bei ...19902103408
aetiologic agents of diarrhoeal diseases in hospitalised children in rawalpindi, pakistan.the causes of diarrhoea were diagnosed in 250 children and 250 controls, a sample of 3,500 children who reported to the rawalpindi general hospital, pakistan between may 1983 and april 1984. the pathogens identified in children with diarrhoea were enteropathogenic escherichia coli (epec) (43.2%), enterotoxigenic e. coli (14%), rotavirus (9.6%), shigella spp (3.6%), salmonella spp (3.2%) and giardia lamblia (1.2%). mixed infections were found in 2.4% of patients. the following pathogens were dete ...19883077947
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