bacteriological and parasitological assessment of food handlers in the omdurman area of sudan.pathogenic organisms are thought to be widely distributed among food handlers. this study was designed to assess the prevalence of carriers of some pathogenic bacteria and intestinal parasites among food handlers in the city of omdurman, sudan.201020434126
microbial aetiology of acute diarrhoea in children under five years of age in khartoum, sudan.diarrhoea is one of leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. recent estimations suggested the number of deaths is close to 2.5 million. this study examined the causative agents of diarrhoea in children under 5 years of age in suburban areas of khartoum, sudan. a total of 437 stool samples obtained from children with diarrhoea were examined by culture and pcr for bacteria, by microscopy and pcr for parasites and by immunoassay for detection of rotavirus a. of the 437 samples analysed, ...201525713206
parasitic contamination of fresh vegetables sold at central markets in khartoum state, sudan.fresh vegetables are considered as vital nutrients of a healthy diet as they supply the body with essential supplements. the consumption of raw vegetables is the main way for transmission of intestinal parasitic organisms. this study was aimed at detecting the parasitic contamination in fresh vegetables sold in two central open-aired markets in khartoum state, sudan.201626968696
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