use of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect anti-adherence protein antibodies in sera of patients with invasive amebiasis in cairo, egypt.we used enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) to detect igg antibodies to the entamoeba histolytica galactose-inhibitable adherence protein in the sera of 50 uninfected controls, 50 cases with asymptomatic cyst passage, 100 patients with amebic colitis, and six patients with amebic liver abscess from cairo, egypt, and in 50 healthy controls from the united states. when the mean + 3 sd value above that of the controls from the united states was used as a criterion for a positive elisa result, ...19921471737
parasitic infection among children living in two orphanages in cairo.children living in institutions as orphanages are more exposed to intestinal parasitism, since crowding and behavioral pattern contribute greatly to the spread of parasitic infection. the present study was conducted on 100 children living in ain-shams and el-mowassa orphanages, cairo. twenty children living under appropriate health conditions were studied as controls. ages of both groups ranged from 6-12 years. the results of this study revealed that 69/100 (69%) orphanage children were positive ...19948169435
serum igm antibody response to the galactose-inhibitable adherence lectin of entameoba elisa for detection of serum igm antibodies to the galactose-inhibitable adherence lectin of entamoeba histolytica revealed that 2.8% of uninfected controls, 0.0% of controls infected with other parasites, 13.4% of asymptomatic amebic infections, 55% of colitis patients, and 77% of amebic liver abscess patients from cairo, egypt and durban, south africa had serum anti-lectin igm antibodies. of acute amebic colitis patients with symptoms for less than one week, only 6% possessed serum igg anti ...19989749639
diagnosis of amoebic colitis by antigen capture elisa in patients presenting with acute diarrhoea in cairo, egypt.we studied 84 consecutive patients presenting with acute diarrhoea (less than 1 week in duration) at an outpatient tropical medicine clinic in cairo, egypt. the diagnosis of amoebic colitis was established by the presence of entamoeba histolytica galactose-inhibitable lectin antigen and the presence of occult blood in stool. controls were 182 healthy regional people and 64 patients complaining of prolonged diarrhoea lasting more than 1 week. entamoeba histolytica infection was found more frequen ...200211952953
simultaneous detection of entamoeba histolytica/dispar, giardia duodenalis and cryptosporidia by immunochromatographic assay in stool samples from patients living in the greater cairo region, egypt.gastrointestinal infection due to intestinal parasites is an enormous health problem in developing countries and its reliable diagnosis is demanding. therefore, this study aimed at evaluating a commercially available immunochromatographic assay (ica) for the detection of cryptosporidia, giardia duodenalis, and entamoeba histolytica/dispar for its usefulness in the greater cairo region, egypt. stool samples of 104 patients who presented between october 2012 and march 2013 with gastrointestinal sy ...201526018117
molecular diagnosis of entamoeba spp. versus microscopy in the great cairo.amoebiasis is a human disease produced by entamoeba histolytica which causes widespread mortality and morbidity worldwide through diarrheal disease and abscess establishment in parenchymal tissues such as liver, lung, and brain. the true prevalence of infection is unknown for most areas of the world due to the difficulty to characterise entamoeba histolytica versus other non-pathogenic amoebas with identical morphology, as entamoeba dispar, and entamoeba moshkovskii. to overcome microscopy misid ...201728030342
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