cockroaches as carriers of human intestinal parasites in two localities in ethiopia.a study was undertaken to assess the role of cockroaches as potential carriers of human intestinal parasites in addis ababa and ziway, ethiopia. a total of 6480 cockroaches were trapped from the two localities from october 2006 to march 2007. all the cockroaches trapped in addis ababa (n=2240) and almost 50% (2100/4240) of those trapped in ziway were identified as blattella germanica. the rest of the cockroaches trapped in ziway were identified as periplaneta brunnea (24.52%), pycnoscelus surina ...200818579170
incidence of protozoal diarrheal disease in an expatriate community in addis ababa.the incidence of diarrheal disease due to entamoeba histolytica and giardia lamblia in the united states embassy american population was recorded over a 25 month period. overall case rates of 4.2/100 person-months for amoebiasis and 3.3/100 person-months for giardiasis were distinguished by wide variations based on age group and rainfall. in some circumstances, gender and prior living in africa also correlated with disease incidence. practitioners should look for these entities in american expat ...19968840612
seasonal fluctuations in the occurrence of enterotoxigenic bacteria and rotavirus in paediatric diarrhoea in addis ababa.this study (march 1977-february 1978) was performed at the ethio-swedish pediatric clinic, addis ababa, to determine whether there were any seasonal fluctuations in the occurrence of diarrhoea associated with enterotoxigenic enterobacteria (eteb), rotavirus and two parasites (giardia lamblia and entamoeba histolytica).a total of 1161 children (962 patients and 199 controls) were investigated. eteb were isolated in 12.2% of the patients and 4.5% of the controls, rotavirus in 27.8% and 8%, and par ...19816266682
cryptosporidiosis among medical patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in tikur anbessa teaching hospital, ethiopia.fresh stool specimens, collected at random from 63 medical in-patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids), were studied prospectively for cryptosporidium oocyst. the diagnosis of aids was made according to the clinical case definition of the bangui criteria. these patients presented with profuse watery diarrhoea, significant weight loss and other associated symptoms and signs of clinical manifestations of symptomatic human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection. using the modified ki ...19947835259
non-biting cyclorrhaphan flies (diptera) as carriers of intestinal human parasites in slum areas of addis ababa, ethiopia.a study was conducted to determine the role of non-biting cyclorrhaphan flies as carriers of intestinal parasites in slum areas of addis ababa from january 2004 to june 2004. a total of 9550 flies, comprising of at least seven species were collected from four selected sites and examined for human intestinal parasites using the formol-ether concentration method. the dominant fly species was chrysomya rufifacies (34.9%) followed by musca domestica (31%), musca sorbens (20.5.%), lucina cuprina (6.8 ...200717658447
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