importance of the detection of amoebic antigens in stool samples for the diagnosis of entamoeba histolytica infection, among children in southern turkey.entamoeba histolytica is the predominant causative agent of human amoebiasis, a significant and common diarrhoeal disease among children of developing countries. diagnosis of this illness by the microscopical detection of the parasites in stool samples is insensitive and often incapable of differentiating the pathogenic entamoeba histolytica from the commensal parasite e. dispar. in this study, the results of testing stool samples in an elisa, based on a monoclonal antibody, that detects e. hist ...200717316500
detection of entamoeba histolytica antigen in stool samples in mersin, turkey.entameoba histolytica, 1 of the 2 entamoeba species with similar morphology that infect humans, causes invasive intestinal and extraintestinal diseases, whereas entamoeba dispar is found commensally and is noninvasive. because of their morphologic similarity, e. histolytica and e. dispar cannot be differentiated microscopically. the antigens of e. histolytica and e. dispar, however, may be detected by the elisa method. previous studies have found that the detection of antigens in the stool is as ...200818564756
[the determination of intestinal parasites, physical growth and hygiene behaviors of children in the mersin city social service child care centre].intestinal parasites are still a major health problem in our country. the aim of this study was the determination of intestinal parasites, physical growth and hygiene behavior of a total of 106 children living in the mersin city social service child care centre and who could participate in this research. a questionnaire form was used to determine the socio-demographic features and hygienic behavior of the children, and their weight and height were measured in order to determine their physical gr ...200919367550
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