differentiation of entamoeba histolytica/entamoeba dispar by the polymerase chain reaction in stool samples of patients with gastrointestinal symptoms in the sanliurfa province.we aimed to diagnose amebiasis and also identify entamoeba histolytica (e. histolytica) and entamoeba dispar (e. dispar) in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms in an endemic region in turkey.201324192618
[parasitic fauna and the frequency of entamoeba histolytica/entamoeba dispar detected by elisa in stool samples in sanliurfa, turkey].amoebiasis is a significant health problem in developing countries. humans are infected by two morphologically identical species of entamoeba. entamoeba histolytica causes amebic colitis and liver abscess, and entamoeba dispar is noninvasive. the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of the e. histolytica/e. dispar complex using the elisa method on stools of patients. a total of 1600 stool specimens were examined using lugol preparations and the modified ritchie method. a total of 58 ...200617124656
comparison of two methods (microscopy and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) for the diagnosis of amebiasis.diagnosis of amebiasis is usually performed on a clinical basis alone in most endemic countries having limited economic resources. this epidemiological study was conducted using modern diagnostic tests for amebiasis in the southeastern region of turkey, an endemic area for amebiasis. the population of this study included patients with symptomatic diarrhea/dysentery attending both yuzuncu yil university, van and harran university, sanliurfa, turkey. a total of 380 stool specimens were collected a ...200515955332
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