comparative aetiology of childhood diarrhoea in kakamega and kiambu districts, kenya.two hundred diarrhoea specimens collected during january to february 1988, from rural children aged 0 to 60 months in kakamega district were examined for bacteria, parasites and rotavirus. the results were compared with a sample of 184 diarrhoea specimens matched for month of collection, taken from data collected in the same manner from children in kiambu district. the mean ages of children in the 2 samples did not differ significantly. there were significant differences in the prevalence of spe ...19921396210
comparison of four nitroimidazole compounds for treatment of symptomatic amoebiasis in kenya.four antiamoebic drugs currently used in many kenyan hospitals and health centres were compared for their efficacy on symptomatic luminal amoebiasis in kiambu, kilifi, and machakos hospitals during this study. the drugs were; the brand metronidazole (flagyl, may & baker, kenya ltd.), the generic metronidazole (metrozol, cosmos ltd., nairobi, kenya), the brand tinidazole (fasigyn, pfizer laboratories ltd.) and the generic tinidazole (tynazole laboratory and allied equipments, kenya ltd). clinical ...19892606014
intestinal parasites in a rural community in kenya: cross-sectional surveys with emphasis on prevalence, incidence, duration of infection, and polyparasitism.a cross-sectional survey of intestinal parasitic infection in a rural community, nderu, in kiambu district, kenya, was carried out in 1985 by examining 1129 individuals from 203 households (about 25% of the total population). this was followed by 3 more cross-sectional surveys, in january, may and october 1986, of 56 families comprising 461 individuals, who had also participated in the first survey. in the first survey, 81.4% of the sample was positive for at least one intestinal parasite and 78 ...19912040230
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