comparison of four nitroimidazole compounds for treatment of symptomatic amoebiasis in kenya.four antiamoebic drugs currently used in many kenyan hospitals and health centres were compared for their efficacy on symptomatic luminal amoebiasis in kiambu, kilifi, and machakos hospitals during this study. the drugs were; the brand metronidazole (flagyl, may & baker, kenya ltd.), the generic metronidazole (metrozol, cosmos ltd., nairobi, kenya), the brand tinidazole (fasigyn, pfizer laboratories ltd.) and the generic tinidazole (tynazole laboratory and allied equipments, kenya ltd). clinical ...19892606014
intestinal polyparasitism in a rural kenyan community.polyparasitism seems to be a common feature in human populations in sub-saharan africa. however, very little is known about its epidemiological significance, its long term impact on human health or the types of interactions that occur between the different parasite species involved.200920358789
antibodies against entamoeba histolytica in human milk and serum in kenya.a modified enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) technique has been developed for the detection of secretory immunoglobulin a (siga) antibodies against entamoeba histolytica. by substituting phosphate-buffered saline-triton for phosphate-buffered saline-tween as the antibody incubating buffer, unspecific absorption of siga was avoided. as revealed by chessboard titrations, the optimal amount of antigen for coating was higher in siga than in igg elisa. a purified antigen from the membrane pel ...19836306046
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