zoonotic intestinal parasites of hamadryas baboons papio hamadryas in the western and northern regions of saudi arabia.six hundred and thirty-three faecal samples were randomly collected and examined for ova and cysts of intestinal parasites from five groups of hamadryas baboons of different population densities, with different human contact and in different ecological conditions (al-baha, turabah and al-taif in south-western and al-rihat and al-akhal in north-western saudi arabia). nine parasites were recorded (giardia lamblia, entamoeba histolytica, escherichia coli, balantidium coli, enterobius sp., trichuris ...19958544227
prevalence of intestinal parasites in saudi children: a community-based study.a community-based study was undertaken to determine the prevalence and types of intestinal parasites in the pediatric population of al-baha region, saudi arabia. stool samples were randomly collected from 19,939 children of whom 4208 (21.1%) were found to harbour intestinal parasites. the most affected age group was 5-9 years and the sex distribution was almost equal in all age groups. specific prevalence rates were giardia lamblia 9 per cent, entamoeba histolytica 5 per cent, hymenolepis nana 2 ...19957723130
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