hepatic abscess among iraqi patients.hepatic abscess was studied in 21 established cases in basrah hospitals (southern iraq) during 1985 to 1988. age of patients varied from 19 to 60 years. there were 7 females and 14 males and most of them from urban areas. all patients had a single abscess and the common site affected was the right lobe. microorganisms isolated from 19 patients included a variety of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and a protozoan entamoeba histolytica. escherichia coli was the most common etiologic agent for the p ...19892513421
diagnostic methods for intestinal parasites in southern iraq with reference to strongyloides stercoralis.three hundred and thirty-two stool samples were examined for the presence of intestinal parasites including strongyloides stercoralis. each sample was processed and examined by direct smear, formalin-ether and harada and mori culture methods. nine parasites were recovered from patients attending basrah teaching hospital, southern iraq during 1989. the prevalence rate of infection was 64.2%. it was higher in rural (74.2%) than in urban (57.5%) region (p < 0.01). sex distribution was 120 (36.1%) m ...19937939941
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