prevalence of human t-cell leukemia virus antibody among heterosexuals living in amsterdam, the determine the heterosexual spread of human t-cell leukemia virus (htlv-i) infections, a cohort of 472 individuals with more than 5 heterosexual partners in the 6 months before entry was studied. they were recruited from visitors to the clinic for sexually transmitted diseases of the municipal health service. half of the study group was born in the netherlands, 13% in surinam or the dutch antilles, and 8% in turkey or morocco. seventy percent were involved in commercial sex. three persons were ...19902280259
[benefit of the serological screening program for syphilis in pregnant women in amsterdam in the period 1985-1989].the results of the serological syphilis screening programme for pregnant women in the region of amsterdam in the period 1985-1989 are described. in addition, a cost-benefit analysis was done to determine useful effects of the programme. every gp and obstetrician routinely takes blood samples from pregnant women to determine the blood group, rhesus factor and syphilis serology. in the period 1985-1989, a total of 37,520 serum samples were screened for syphilis in the amsterdam region by the centr ...19911907721
[positive results from serologic screening for syphilis in pregnancy in the amsterdam region, 1991-1995].to evaluate the results of screening of pregnant women for syphilis in the region of amsterdam, the netherlands.199910589219
diagnosing genital ulcer disease in a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases in amsterdam, the netherlands.the most common etiologic agents of genital ulcer disease (gud) are herpes simplex virus type 1 (hsv-1), hsv-2, treponema pallidum, and haemophilus ducreyi. in an outpatient clinic for sexually transmitted diseases in amsterdam, the netherlands, specimens from 372 patients with gud were collected from february to november 1996. sera were collected at the time of the symptoms and, for most patients, also during follow-up visits. swabs in viral transport medium were used for hsv culture and for de ...200111158114
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