molecular typing of treponema pallidum clinical strains from lisbon, portugal.a molecular system was used to subtype portuguese treponema pallidum clinical strains isolated from both skin lesions and blood. the study with this system constitutes the first typing study in a european country. three t. pallidum subtypes were found: subtypes 14a (50%), 14d (45.2%), and 14f (4.8%). further studies are needed to better characterize the isolates involved in syphilis outbreaks.200818753355
molecular subtyping of treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum in lisbon, portugal.the objectives of this study were to evaluate the reproducibility of a molecular method for the subtyping of treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum and to discriminate strains of this microorganism from strains from patients with syphilis. we studied 212 specimens from a total of 82 patients with different stages of syphilis (14 primary, 7 secondary and 61 latent syphilis). the specimens were distributed as follows: genital ulcers (n = 9), skin and mucosal lesions (n = 7), blood (n = 82), plasma (n ...200919494073
association of trichomonas vaginalis with sociodemographic factors and other stds among female inmates in lisbon.a study on stds was conducted among 211 female inmates in a prison in lisbon, portugal, in order to establish possible associations between trichomonas vaginalis infection, sociodemographic factors and other stds. t. vaginalis was found in 31.2% of the women, from whom only 65.1% presented symptoms. it was more frequently isolated in the 20-40 year age group. on univariate analysis there was an association, although not statistically significant, between the existence of t. vaginalis, multiple s ...200415339370
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