diversity of avian pasteurella multocida strains based on capsular pcr typing and variation of the ompa and omph outer membrane hundred avian pasteurella multocida isolates recovered from cases of fowl cholera and related infections in england and wales over a 13-year period were characterised by capsular pcr typing and analysis of outer membrane protein (omp) profiles. sixty-eight percent of the strains were of capsular type a, 14% were type f, 5% were type d, 4% were type b and 9% were untypable. nineteen distinct omp profiles (omp-types) were identified based mainly on molecular mass heterogeneity of the heat-modi ...200312458166
genetic diversity among pasteurella multocida strains of avian, bovine, ovine and porcine origin from england and wales by comparative sequence analysis of the 16s rrna gene.genetic diversity among 86 pasteurella multocida isolates was investigated by comparative sequence analysis of a 1468 bp fragment of the 16s rrna gene. the strains included 79 field isolates recovered from birds (poultry) (22), cattle (21), pigs (26) and sheep (10) within england and wales, four asian isolates associated with bovine haemorrhagic septicaemia, and the type strains of the three subspecies of p. multocida. dulcitol and sorbitol fermentation patterns were also determined to establish ...200415583172
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