an outbreak of haemorrhagic septicaemia associated with pasteurella multocida subsp gallicida in large pig herd. 19968660187
haemorrhagic septicaemia in pigs. 19968941427
surveillance for antibiotic resistance in veterinary pathogens from the perspective of a regional diagnostic laboratory.the toowoomba veterinary laboratory tests for antibiotic resistance through passive surveillance of bacterial pathogens from diseased, frequently intensively managed, animals. testing is carried out on the basis of the number of animals involved, the nature and severity of the disease and the identity and significance of the bacterium, the results guiding the submitting veterinarian in implementing appropriate treatment. the antibiotics chosen for testing are those that are currently registered ...200312807288
antimicrobial susceptibility of pasteurella multocida isolates from cases of pneumonia in slaughter swine from south-east queensland. 19957646385
bacteria isolated from dugongs (dugong dugon) submitted for postmortem examination in queensland, australia, 2000-2011.microbial infection may contribute to disease in a significant proportion of marine mammal mortalities, but little is known about infectious bacterial species and their prevalence in dugongs (dugong dugon). this study represents a survey of the species of bacteria and fungi isolated from dugongs submitted to the university of queensland's school of veterinary science for postmortem examination. thirty-six dugongs were included in the survey, with 23 species of bacteria and four species of fungus ...201323505701
molecular epidemiology of two fowl cholera outbreaks on a free-range chicken layer farm.two outbreaks of fowl cholera on a multiage free-range egg farm were investigated. the outbreaks occurred in 1994 and 2002. a total of 22 strains of pasteurella multocida were available for study, 11 from the 1994 outbreak and 11 from the 2002 outbreak. lesions typical of acute fowl cholera were seen in the 1994 outbreak, whereas both acute and chronic fowl cholera occurred in the 2002 outbreak. the isolates were examined in an extended phenotypic typing methodology, by a p. multocida-specific p ...200415460333
phenotypic characterisation of pasteurella multocida isolates from australian pigs.a phenotypic characterisation of 150 isolates of bacteria previously identified as pasteurella multocida was performed. all the isolates had been obtained from australian pigs in the three eastern states of queensland (110 isolates), new south wales (21 isolates) and victoria (19 isolates). seven different biochemical biovars were recognised amongst the isolates. a total of 100 isolates (67%) were assigned to biovar 3, previously shown to be the most common biovar in isolates of p. multocida fro ...19979444072
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