[prevalence of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in sardinian teen-agers].a cross-sectional sero-epidemiological study was conducted on teen-agers in northern sardinia, a low risk population for lyme borreliosis. the adjusted sero-prevalence estimate for enzyme linked immunofluorescent assay on 443 teen-agers (229 males and 214 females) was 6.1%. the females vs males odds ratio was 5.1 (ci95%: 2.1-12.8). the prevalence was associated with the family size (chi2 for trend: p=0.03); teenagers without cohabitants, except parents, had a five fold risk (ci95%: 1.2-20.7) of ...200415554516
[ticks and the pediatrician].the match between ticks and pediatricians in italy is usually a seasonal event related to the spring and summer trips and to the increasing of outdoor activity that sun and warm weather allow, both for children and ticks. so cared parents reach emergencies asking for tick removal but more often after the tick has yet been removed by empirical manoeuvres and after the killing and the destruction of the "enemy". we have scheduled, in the years 2002-2003, the 167 children that reached our unit for ...200415305698
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