the cost-effectiveness of treating male trichomoniasis to avert hiv transmission in men seeking sexually transmitted disease care in malawi.allocation of funds to program areas where they may have an impact is critical to the success of any hiv control program. we examined the cost-effectiveness of providing first-line treatment for male trichomoniasis in malawi, a condition not commonly considered in syndromic management throughout sub-saharan africa.200616951650
trichomoniasis in men and hiv infection: data from 2 outpatient clinics at lilongwe central hospital, malawi.little is known about the epidemiologic profile of trichomoniasis in men and its relationship to human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection. among men presenting for care for symptomatic sexually transmitted infections (stis) in malawi, trichomoniasis is not considered for first-line treatment.200415378437
the use of specimens from various genitourinary sites in men, to detect trichomonas vaginalis infection.variations in estimates of prevalence of trichomoniasis in men may reflect true differences in the burden of disease but are also affected by the performance of diagnostic methods and the type of specimen tested. in this study, men were evaluated at baseline and at follow-up, to evaluate syndromic management of urethritis and the effects of human immunodeficiency virus and trichomoniasis, in lilongwe, malawi. first-void urine specimens and urethral swabs were obtained at enrollment, for trichomo ...200415122531
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