ecological observations on lymnaea (bullastra) cumingiana.field surveys conducted at echague, isabela and san pablo, laguna revealed that lymnaea (bullastra) cumingiana, the natural second snail intermediate host of echinostoma malayanum in the philippines, exhibits a moderate degree of diversity in its choice of habitats. rice fields of all stages of development, stagnant shallow streams and springs are the main areas where the snail can be collected from at echague, isabela. however, they were absent in rice fields that had been extensively sprayed w ...19938160069
eating habits associated with echinostoma malayanum infections in the philippines.a survey of 61 residents belonging to 12 pre-selected families (having at least one member positive for echinostomiasis malayanum) from barangay malibago, echague, isabela (northern luzon) suggested that infections with echinostoma malayanum follow a "familial trend". the parasite is endemic because the raw ingestion of lymnaea (bullastra) cumingiana, the second intermediate host in the philippines, is a learned habit passed down from one generation to the next. a questionnaire on eating habits ...19911822888
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