the distribution of naturally acquired antibodies against infectious bursal disease virus in victoria. 19816268036
confirmation of the existence of two distinct genetic groups of infectious bursal disease virus in characterise infectious bursal disease viruses (ibdvs) prevalent at major commercial sites throughout australia and to compare the nucleic acid sequences of local strains of ibdv with those of characterised overseas strains.200212465828
antigenic and sequence heterogeneity of infectious bursal disease virus strains isolated in australia.six recently isolated field strains of infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv) were compared to vaccine strains at the antigenic and genetic level to ascertain the level of heterogeneity among australian ibdv strains. five strains, 01/94, 02/95, 03/95, 04/95 and 08/95, isolated at four locations in the state of victoria, were antigenic variants. they failed to react with monoclonal antibodies directed against two different epitopes on the vp2 protein which were present in vaccine strains and one ...200010893155
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