seroprevalence of infectious bursal disease (ibd) in parts of tamil nadu, india.sera samples of 400 apparently healthy broiler poultry from 23 commercial farms and 120 sera samples from commercial layer poultry [with specific lesions of infectious bursal disease (ibd) in the internal organs] were screened for the presence of ibd serotypes i, ii and the variant strain by the agar gel immuno diffusion (agid) test, employing standard antigens. likewise the bursae, spleen and kidney specimen from 96 layer poultry with lesions suggestive of ibd were screened for the presence of ...19938403839
sequence analysis of infectious bursal disease virus isolates from india: phylogenetic relationships.prevalence of infectious bursal disease (ibd) among chickens in different parts of tamil nadu, india, has been studied by collection of bursal samples from suspected flocks and by performing reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) for amplification of a specific product of 474 bp from the variable region of the vp2 gene. among 53 bursal samples examined by rt-pcr, 40 showed a positive reaction. the amplified products were subjected to nucleotide sequencing and the obtained seque ...200314658839
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