adherence to guidelines for antiretroviral therapy and for preventing opportunistic infections in hiv-infected adults and adolescents in ryan white-funded facilities in the united determine adherence by health care providers to guidelines for antiretroviral therapy and for prevention of opportunistic infections (ois) in adults with hiv infection in federally funded facilities in the united states, we reviewed records of hiv-infected adults (>13 years) in 11 ryan white title iii facilities in four states for information on eight standard-of-care recommendations during november 1996 through september 1997. eligibility required a visit to the facility within 6 months befo ...199910421247
increase in mycobacterium avium complex isolations among patients admitted to a general early 1979, an official of an illinois hospital reported an increase in the number of patients from whom mycobacterium avium complex recently had been recovered. over the preceding 3 years specimens from a total of 51 patients were culture positive for m. avium complex: 7 in 1976, 8 in 1977, and 36 in 1978. nine of 10 serotyped isolated were serotype 8. the increase was not attributable to an increase in the number of mycobacterial cultures performed. no other area hospitals had similar incre ...19827058263
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