phagocytic efficiency of monocytes and macrophages obtained from sydney blood bank cohort members infected with an attenuated strain of hiv-1.defective function of monocyte-derived macrophages contributes to hiv-1 pathogenesis. we found that phagocytosis of the opportunistic pathogens mycobacterium avium complex and toxoplasma gondii was impaired in monocytes obtained from individuals infected with wild-type strains of hiv-1 but generally not in monocytes collected over a 6-year period from sydney blood bank cohort (sbbc) members infected with nef/long terminal repeats (ltr) region-defective strains of hiv-1. however, longitudinal ana ...200314657753
trends in incidence of aids illnesses in australia from 1983 to 1994: the australian aids assess time trends in incidence of aids illnesses in australia, a retrospective cohort of people diagnosed with aids from january 1, 1983 to december 31, 1994 in three hiv medicine units in sydney, melbourne, and perth was established. data on initial and subsequent aids illnesses were available for 2580 aids cases, or 45% of australian aids notifications over the study period. males represented 97.2% of the cohort, and hiv exposure category was homosexual contact for 89.9%. subcohorts were f ...19979377123
changing epidemiology of pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacteria infections.nontuberculous mycobacteria (ntm) disease is a notifiable condition in queensland, australia. mycobacterial isolates that require species identification are forwarded to the queensland mycobacterial reference laboratory, providing a central opportunity to capture statewide data on the epidemiology of ntm disease. we compared isolates obtained in 1999 and 2005 and used data from the queensland notification scheme to report the clinical relevance of these isolates. the incidence of notified cases ...201020875283
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