occurrence of orientia tsutsugamushi in chiggers (acari: trombiculidae) and small animals in an orchard near bangkok, thailand.the ecology of orientia tsutsugamushi (hayashi) was studied in chiggers and small animals in an orchard near bangkok, thailand. small animals were trapped monthly between july and november 1992 and examined for the presence of o. tsutsugamushi and ectoparasitic chiggers. a total of 40 rattus rattus (l.) and 16 tupaia glis (diard) was trapped. o. tsutsugamushi was isolated from liver and spleen samples of 30.8% of r. rattus and 18.6% of t. glis. antibodies to o. tsutsugamushi were detected in 95% ...199910467771
seasonal occurrence of leptotrombidium deliense (acari: trombiculidae) attached to sentinel rodents in an orchard near bangkok, thailand.leptotrombidium deliense walch that attached to sentinel laboratory mice and the roof rat, rattus rattus (l.), placed in an orchard habitat near bangkok, thailand, were studied between april 1993 and april 1995. a single l. deliense larva was attached to only 1 of 51 laboratory mice placed in the study area between april and september 1993. overall, 89/202 (44.1%) r. rattus had 1 or more l. deliense larvae attached, and orientia tsutsugamushi (hayashi), the etiologic agent for scrub typhus, was ...199910593093
prevalence of antibodies to leptospira serovars in rodents and shrews trapped in low and high endemic areas in investigate the prevalence of antibodies to leptospira serovars in rodents and shrews trapped in urban and rural areas in low and high endemic areas in thailand.200312678151
occurrence of orientia tsutsugamushi in small mammals from thailand.extensive sampling of small mammals was conducted in eight provinces of thailand between september 9, 1992 and april 29, 2001. a total of 3,498 specimens representing 22 species were collected. eighty-eight percent (3,089 of 3,498) of the animals were collected from a region in chiangrai province, which is commonly recognized as endemic for human scrub typhus. blood and tissue samples from each animal were tested for the presence of orientia tsutsugamushi, the etiologic agent of scrub typhus. th ...200314695089
prevalence of rabies virus and hantaan virus infections in commensal rodents and shrews trapped in bangkok.five hundred rodents and shrews (rattus norvegicus: 458, rattus rattus: 28, rattus exulans: 5, mus musculus: 4 and suncus murine: 5) trapped from the fresh food markets around bangkok area were investigated for rabies virus and hantaan virus infections. no rabies viral antigens in the animals' brains were detected by direct immunofluorescence. on the other hand, antibodies to hantaan virus were demonstrated in the sera of 7 (1.53%) r. norvegicus caught in various markets using a particle aggluti ...200314696782
surveillance of commensal rat and shrew populations in the bangkok area with references to flea index as the risk indicator of plague.commensal rats and shrews were trapped from 47 fresh food markets in bangkok during the two study periods in the same markets: 21st june to 28th december 1999 and 1st march to 31st may 2000. trapping was performed using wire live traps on three consecutive nights in each period. the trapped animals were identified for taxonomic species and flea infestation. fleas were collected, identified and counted. four species of rodents: rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus, rattus exulans and mus musculus, an ...200314649963
seroprevalence of rickettsial infection in commensal rodents and shrews trapped in the bangkok metropolitan area.murine typhus and scrub typhus are important human rickettsial diseases in thailand. small mammals, including many species of rodents and shrews, serve as the reservoir host of rickettsial diseases. rickettsia typhi can be transmitted to humans by fleas causing murine typhus, while infection with orientia tsutsugamushi causing scrub typhus in humans is transmitted by chiggers. the prevalence of rickettsial infection depends on the geographic area. the seroprevalence of antibody to r. typhi and o ...200312924799
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