occurrence of ectoparasites on rodents in sukhothai province, northern thailand.a survey of ectoparasites on rodents was carried out bimonthly from april 2008 to march 2009 in 3 districts of sukhothai province, northern thailand. a total of 130 rodents comprising 8 species of hosts were captured and examined for ectoparasites. the hosts examined were bandicota indica, bandicota savilei, rattus losea, rattus rattus, rattus exulans, rattus norvegicus, menetes berdmorei and tamiops mcclellandii. ninety-seven ectoparasites were collected: 1 species of tick (hemaphysalis bandico ...201021329306
occurrence of orientia tsutsugamushi in small mammals from thailand.extensive sampling of small mammals was conducted in eight provinces of thailand between september 9, 1992 and april 29, 2001. a total of 3,498 specimens representing 22 species were collected. eighty-eight percent (3,089 of 3,498) of the animals were collected from a region in chiangrai province, which is commonly recognized as endemic for human scrub typhus. blood and tissue samples from each animal were tested for the presence of orientia tsutsugamushi, the etiologic agent of scrub typhus. th ...200314695089
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