seroepidemiological studies of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the campeche state of méxico.seroepidemiological studies of cutaneous leishmaniasis were carried out in 169 individuals in a rural area of the campeche state of méxico. fifty showed cutaneous lesions suggestive of leishmaniasis, 70% were parasite positive and 96% skin test positive. an overall 40% positivity to skin test with montenegro's antigen was found. most of the affected individuals were males from 11 to 30 years-old. antibodies were determined by immunofluorescent antibody test (ifa) and by western blot. two antigen ...19979302408
cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by members of leishmania braziliensis complex in nayarit, state of epidemiological study was carried out in the northern mexican state, nayarit. fourteen patients with possible cutaneous leishmaniasis skin lesions gave positive montenegro skin tests. biopsies were taken from the skin ulcer and analyzed by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) with specific primers for the leishmania mexicana complex; however all biopsies were not amplified. pcr carried out with specific primers for the l. braziliensis complex resulted in the amplification of all patient dna. dna f ...200111285471
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