diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis in mexico, 6 cases of diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis (dcl) were found in widely separated geographic regions. information was also available on 2 other cases. in addition to the typical clinical features, half of the patients had evidence of nasopharyngeal mucosal involvement. all isolates from the dcl patients were identified as leishmania mexicana mexicana by isoenzyme analysis and monoclonal antibody typing. in 1 region of tabasco state where dcl was found, uncomplicated cutaneous leishmania ...19892802018
identification of mexican leishmania species by analysis of pcr amplified dna.leishmania parasites isolated into culture from patients with lcl or dcl from four different mexican states were characterised using polymerase chain reaction (pcr), hybridisation with specific probes, and isoenzymes. pcr of the parasites showed that 10 of 11 of those isolates were members of the mexicana complex. this was confirmed in seven cases by isoenzymes. restriction enzyme digests of pcr products of mexican isolates showed the isolates to be different from the l.(l.) mexicana reference s ...19989821463
molecular probes and the polymerase chain reaction for detection and typing of leishmania species in mexico.leishmaniasis in mexico is a public health problem because all the clinical forms have been recorded in most mexican states. we studied patients showing clinical symptoms of any form of leishmaniasis, from several endemic areas. bone marrow samples, aspirates or skin biopsies were taken and deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) was extracted and amplified by the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) with universal primers ajs1 and deb8, specific for the leishmania subgenus leishmania. the pcr products were then ...200212055821
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