patients' associations and the control of leishmaniasis in peru.american mucocutaneous leishmaniasis is an important health problem in peru, particularly in the mountainous cuzco region, where 25% of all new cases reported in 1989 were located. cases have increased considerably since the beginning of the 1980s, when large-scale seasonal migration to endemic zones occurred, particularly the forest area of madre de dios, following the discovery of new gold deposits there, and the deterioration in the economic situation in peru. following the lack of official r ...19979141749
knowledge and behavior of tourists to manu national park, peru, in relation to leishmaniasis.tourists have been infected with leishmania braziliensis and the lack of appropriate travel information on the disease has been documented. the aim of this study was to describe the knowledge and behavior of tourists booked on a trip to manu national park in peru in relation to leishmaniasis and its prevention.200212962609
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