leishmania (viannia) peruviana isolated from the sandfly lutzomyia peruensis (diptera: psychodidae) and a sentinel hamster in the huayllacallán valley, ancash, peru. 19912068762
cutaneous leishmaniasis in the peruvian andes: an epidemiological study of infection and immunity.a prospective longitudinal survey of cutaneous leishmaniasis (leishmania peruviana) was carried out in peru on a study population of 4716 persons living in 38 villages (departments of lima, ancash and piura). demographic and clinical data were collected from all individuals, and a montenegro skin test (mst) was carried out on 72% (3418) of the study population. each household was revisited at 3-monthly intervals for up to 2 years to detect new leishmaniasis cases; 497 people received a second ms ...19957705493
genetic diversity of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene in lutzomyia spp., with special reference to lutzomyia peruensis, a main vector of leishmania (viannia) peruviana in the peruvian andes.the genetic divergence caused by genetic drift and/or selection is suggested to affect the vectorial capacity and insecticide susceptibility of sand flies, as well as other arthropods. in the present study, cytochrome b (cyt b) gene sequences were determined in 13 species circulating in peru to establish a basis for analysis of the genetic structure, and the intraspecific genetic diversity was assessed in the lutzomyia (lu.) peruensis, a main vector species of leishmania (viannia) peruviana in p ...201323416127
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